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What Our Clients Have To Say:

"Marcel,  You are by far the best contractor, the best business man that we have encountered.  Your quality is outstanding; you keep your promises regarding the schedule; and your price is more than fair.   We both had been military officers living in and out of base housing.  Our first home after retirement was brand new – all construction work was easily accomplished on our own – changing from carpet to hardwood, linoleum to tile, etc.  When we moved to a house that was built in 1960, we knew that we could not do everything ourselves.  Our first contractor that we had hired was your company.  It was obvious that your price was fair, we were more than impressed by your quality, but we had no idea how many little things in addition to big things that your company did as compared to other contractors.  At that time, our lack of experience was the only excuse that we took your excellence for granted.  Conversations with co-workers, neighbors, family, and friends later made it apparent that you were by far the best construction contractor that we could have found.  Later, we had experience with several construction contractors when dealing with damage on a property in Ohio.  We realized that it had been true – your company stood out heads and shoulders above the others. Your company is honest and has integrity – you keep your promises.   Schedule commitment – If you say that you are going to begin work Tuesday at 0800 and end on Friday, your employees arrive Tuesday between 745 and 0800 and work until lunch, take a 30 minute break, and then clean up their areas at 4:45 pm.  Wednesday – Friday have the same commitment to professionalism.  On Friday, the work is complete, beyond reproach, and you have been by each day to the worksite to ensure that work is up to the standards that are above what the naked eye can see. Price commitment – If the price is $15,000, the price remains $15,000.  Changes to price are due to changes that we make to the requirements, and pricing those changes are fair.  New to using someone other than ourselves, your prices were scary – as they were more than the free labor that was our own elbow grease.  However, now having dealt with contractors in Ohio and hearing prices from co-workers and friends that have had similar work – your prices were low.  Given your quality, your patience as we questioned each item shows the true professional that you are. Quality commitment – We are probably the worst customers – an engineer who cannot ignore details and a contract professor who cannot ignore changes to promises or even casual statements.  You impressed us both.  The engineer would notice a little detail that would be off center or out of place in the morning on the way before work.  Yet, you always found that detail before any mention and had it corrected as we would walk around a corner about to bring it up.  Marcel, you enjoyed perfection and took pride in a job well done.  Your standards are exacting. Here is a statement for future customers (although you can include the entire letter if you desire): Marcel and LJP Contracting performed painting and bathroom repair in September 2011.  In the spring of 2012, the company returned and performed major work – knocking down walls and building a large kitchen, importing a gas line, upgrading the electrical box, etc.  After that kitchen work, we have received nothing but compliments on our house – everyone loves our kitchen and finds it to be the highlight of the entire home.    Last summer, 2013, we had an in ground pool constructed.  We were able to see a regular construction company in true form.  The schedule was 6 months off; there was a 40% difference when the final price was calculated if you include all of the things that were not mentioned but essential to the closing of permits and the maintenance of the pool; and there were a couple of quality issues that, although minor, still upset the engineer in us.  We knew that our addition would be our next major project and we began talking about how we would recover from the financial strain of the pool construction so we could begin saving again.  We discussing plans to get well again and then think of making more concrete decisions, we both agreed that we could use no one else but Marcel and LJP Contracting.  We both know with 100% certainty that we always had a contractor in LJP that we could trust.  Marcel and LJP are committed to treating people the right way.  Marcel is not in the business to get rich; he is in the business to do what he loves, take care of others, …and all for an honest wage.   You can trust Marcel to do what is right – price AND quality. "

-Mark and Ericka Wilson, March 2014 

"I strongly recommend Marcelo and his team.  They remodeled my master bathroom, updated the guest bathroom and installed a stone tile fireplace.  Marcelo is detail oriented and takes great pride in the finished product.  Although I was on a tight budget, he worked with me to maximize what I could afford.  As a result, my bathrooms and fireplace look amazing!  I couldn't be happier.  He is also someone I trust and will be the first person I call for future projects." -- lulu